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Taking some time….

Hey TELESMA family!
Just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening in the world of TELESMA.
The band is taking some time off from live performances and is currently in a semi-hiatus state of being. After many years of creating and performing together we felt the need to take some time to explore other endeavors that have been evolving in all our lives. Each of us has many different facets that make up our collective and we feel that its the right time to focus more attention on them. The band has agreed that we’ll return to live performance when the time is right for us to refocus and new music manifests. We love this band, our family, friends and all those who have been a part of our journey so far. And we hope to see you all soon!
In the meantime, please checkout our other various projects and performances…
Peace & Blessings!
…other projects:
PILLOWBOOK (Electronic/Ambient)
NAKED JUNGLE (Instrumental World/Fusion)
HOLY MOUNTAINEERS (Psychedelic MultiMedia Project)

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10th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration – Dec. 16th 2017

We’re excited to announce our Winter Solstice Celebration for 2017! Being held on Saturday December 16th at The 8×10 in Baltimore. This will be our 10th annual Winter Solstice event which began back in 2008 featuring visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey!
This year, we’re featuring visionary artist Adam Scott Miller. Its been a few years since we worked with Adam on the “Chain” and “White Lotus” videos and his creation of the album artwork for “Action In Inaction”. Adam is a world re-known artist who lives in Australia. His artwork has been praised for its refined craftsmanship and elegant envisioning of his perceptions – drawn from discovering the majestic beauty of the environments around and within us. This versatile artist is equally acclaimed for his oil paintings, digital paintings, video animations, public speaking, teaching, and performances as a live-painter. We’re very happy to be collaborating with Adam again for this special event. Visit his website to see his work:
This show will feature music by J Pope and the HereNow and Connor Brendan and the Wild Hunt.
It will also feature a myriad of performance artists, body painters, video projection artists and more! Everything you’ve come to expect from a Winter Solstice Celebration….and much more!
TELESMA will be dusting off songs that we haven’t performed live in years and leaving space for improvisation which has always been so important to our performances.
So get your tickets HERE
And help us spread the word and connect with the event on Facebook: TELESMA’s Winter Solstice Celebration
8pm Doors | 18+ | $12
The 8×10
(410) 625-2000
10 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Artwork: “Solstice” by Adam Scoot Miller
Telesma 10th Anniversary Solstice Poster-web

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Spring 2017 Update

Hey Telesma family! We’ve begun booking a few shows for spring/summer 2017. Be sure to checkout our page for all the details.
And connect with us on Facebook for more frequent updates, new music, and video!
We’re deeply saddened to share the news that our good friend and visual projection artist, John Suntiger, passed away in early January. John was such a talented artist and added so much to the visual element of TELESMA for over 3 years. His dedication to the music scene was incredible and he touched the lives of so many people with his wisdom, his art, and his kindness. He will truly be missed.
Here is an image from our first performance with John throwing visuals.Tally Ho (photo by Janelle Jones)(3)

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Announcing the TELESMA Winter Solstice Celebration – Dec 17th 2016 at the 8×10

TELESMA presents our annual Winter Solstice Celebration at The 8×10 in Baltimore.
Music By:
TELESMA, The Mayan Factor and Slow Lights
Featured Art:
Visuals by John Suntiger
Live artists TBA
Winter Solstice Blessing by Angela Rockstarr
The 8×10
(410) 625-2000
10 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
8pm Doors
$12 tickets available online at:
TELESMA solstice poster 2016 web

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TELESMA at Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival

TELESMA is excited to be performing at the inaugural Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival at Camp Ramblewood on Aug 26th – 28th 2016. Our performance will be on Saturday Aug 27th around 10pm.
For tickets and info visit:
Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival is a three day Transformational experience that celebrates the evolution of Yoga culture, from the grassroots of the 60’s counterculture, into the modern yoga studio and Transformational Arts Movements.
Featuring Kirtan and Yoga headliners Krishna Das and Dharma Mittra, and other beloved national and regional teachers, The Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival is packed full of musical performances, Yoga classes, Flow Arts, Themed Campsites, Drumming Circles, Unique Vendors, Art Installations, Workshops, Sacred Fire, Wholesome Libations and High Vibrational Food.
Kirtan :
Krishna Das
GuruGanesha Singh
Brenda McMorrow
David Newman aka Durga Das
Dave Stringer
Ajeet Kaur
Trevor Hall
Desert Dwellers
Living Light
Aligning Minds
Vishal Kanwar
Teknacolor Ninja
World & Yoga music
Kirtan Soul Revival
Kirtan Rabbi
Felicia Rose
also featuring:
Bob Sima,, Missy Balsam, Blue Spirit Wheel, 13 Hands, Debra Devi, Mateo Monk, Maharal, Lobo Marino, Swar Das, Sharon Silverstein, Hannah Allerdice, Ashley Wynn, Kelly Britton, the Ascendants, Maharal, Nina Amaya, Johanna Beekman, Conor Brennan and the Wild Hunt, Mirabai Moon, Swan Kirtan, Nate Spross, Satya
Headlining Yoga Teachers
Dharma Mitra ( Dharma Yoga )
Swami Vidyananda ( Integral Yoga )
Julie Kirkpatrick ( Jivamukti )
Sid McNairy ( Sid Yoga )
Shakti Durgaya ( Kali Natha Yoga )
Elizabeth Burris ( Acro )
Justin Blaze ( Acro )
Yogini Kali ( Dharma )
Mimi Rieger ( vinyasa )
Rachel & Ulysses Wilson ( acro )
Tonya Johnston ( Jivamukti )
Alena Interrupted ( Kripalu )
Hawah Kasat ( Shivananda )
Gopi Kinniciutt ( bhakti )
Marni Sclaroff ( Ashtanga )
Mahan Rishi ( Kundalini )
and many more beloved local and regional teachers …
The Lovelight festival is also part of Integral Yoga’s 50th Anniversary, and there will be a strong presence of IYI teachers and workshop presenters.
Camp Ramblewood features a spring fed lake, for SUP yoga classes and an olympic sized swimming pool.
Kali Natha Yoga, a new style developed by Kashi Ashram, will be making it’s debut at Lovelight Festival. Kali Natha yoga is a powerful, goddess oriented style that incorporates mudras, kirtan and visualizations into it’s hatha flow … Jai Ma !
The ISKCON DC temple will be providing satvic vegetarian meals as part of the cafeteria meal plan, that comes w/ every ticket. Spiritual junk food and other offerings ( sometimes ya just need a slice of pizza ) will be available at the 24/7 food vending area.
The Lovelight Festival is delighted to be part of Integral Yoga’s 50th Anniversary celebration. We will presenting a special ceremony honoring Integral Yoga and Woodstock as part of this event !
For Burners, creatives, hippies and hipsters .. a special area will be available for total self expression and cash free exchanges of love, yoga, teaching and workshops.
stay tuned for more breaking news …
Founded by Yoga musician Wynne Paris and Woodstock producer Michael Lang, the festival brings spiritual traditions, musicians and artists together to create a full chakra experience that offers something for everyone, whether you are looking to connect with nature, deepen your practice, make new friends or bliss out for three more days of peace, love and music.

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Light City 2016!!

TELESMA is honored to have been a part of the premier of LIGHT CITY (Baltimore)!! This festival featured multi-media displays and installations of light, sound and music which swept across the entire Inner Harbor and literally lit up the night sky. TELESMA performed on the opening night and featured our visual mastermind John Suntiger throwing video projections behind the band during our set. We also had special guest bellydancer Leyla Fahada. Unfortunately, the wind kept us from having our 2 live painters onstage with us, but we were able to have body painter Patricia Tamariz paint Ian Hesford before the set. In case you missed it, we also got some great press from the event and we were featured in the SouthWest Airlines magazine for the month of March!
We’re very proud of our friends Brooke and Justin Allen who were the catalyst behind bringing this great idea to life here in Baltimore. The event was produced by the Baltimore Office of the Promotion of Arts.
Here is a little more about the event in their words…
“In 2016, Baltimore will host the first ever large-scale light festival in the United States. During the festival each year, we will transform the city with state-of-the-art light displays, video projections on buildings, dancing fountains, light sculptures, and interactive technologies to create
once-in-a-lifetime experiences for families, residents and visitors.
———- Music ———-
Light City will feature uniquely curated live music shows that will invite the world to experience one of America’s hottest music scenes.
——- Innovation ——-
Inspired by the success of South By Southwest, Light City will host an event ecosystem of conferences, forums, expos, and workshops to showcase Baltimore’s leading talent, attract thought leaders from around the world, and provide opportunities for education, networking and community engagement.”
Here are some links to video from the show.

And photos by Stanley Jaworski
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)


Telesma's 8th Annual Winter Solstice Show Announced!

Join us for our 8th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration on Friday Dec 18th at the 8×10 in Baltimore!!
Its that time of year again to come embrace the transition from darkness to light by gathering together with our community of wonderful people, with music and art feeding our souls.
Music by:
TELESMA (featuring special guest vocalists Rachel Anne Warren, Lauren Aycock Anderson, and Kerra Holtren)
Solstice Blessing by Angela Rockstarr
Visuals by John Suntiger
Live art gallery featuring many amazing local artist
And much more!!
9pm Doors
All Ages
$14 cover at door.

Telesma Winter Solstice

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"Decade Dance" Album Review from What Weekly

Telesma’s “Decade Dance” Review

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Telesma. It was in 2013, at the Powwow, once a truly one-of-a-kind festival, nestled in Baltimore’s Ferry Bar Park, featuring art of all varieties. There were dozens of interesting vendors, a ton of colorful characters in attendance, multiple music stages and perfect weather, not to mention the event was free of charge.
When Telesma took the stage overlooking the Ferry Bar Channel, I was astounded at the sound they produced. To this day I have never heard music that blends tribal rhythms, psychedelic rock and ambient sounds with as much success as Telesma. On a spiritual level, the audience seemed to connect to the primitive percussion combined with the excitement and raw power of electric instrumentation and hypnotic vocals. The band showed masterful command of their instruments, and when they incorporated slap-bass, I was sold (I’ve always been a sucker for a funky bass line). And, perhaps most impressively, Telesma got the whole crowd to dance to their music.
When their performance was reaching its climax, filling the park with intertwining grooves and psychedelic sounds, a police helicopter began to circle overhead. From the chopper, the police were yelling something over the loudspeaker to no avail, for it was drowned out by the psychedelic sounds of Telesma. It was truly a beautiful moment, where Telesma’s spiritual rhythms and melodic chanting rendered the police’s authority impotent. After the band concluded their set, the festival fell back to earth and was subjected to the bleak reality of things. The voice on the loudspeaker became clear, informing the crowd that the event was over and instructing people to start heading for the exit. I believe the police ended the Powwow because the attendance was more than the festival’s permit allowed, but I am still not sure. However, Telesma blew me away with their unique sound and has been on my radar ever since.
So, as you can imagine, I was very excited at the prospect of reviewing Telesma’s newest album, Decade Dance. This five song EP was released at the end of 2014 celebrating Telesma’s 10 year anniversary. Produced by Telesma and Frank Marchand, and engineered and mixed at Hudson Street Sound in Annapolis, Decade Dance is the culmination of art that Telesma has been creating for the past decade. In typical Telesma fashion, the album combines elements of world music, electronic dance music, psychedelic rock, ethereal soundscapes and spirituality, taking the listener “on a journey through the mind, body and soul,” according to the band’s website.
From the first track, “Hanuman,” Telesma locks the listener in with a groovy 7/4 beat. The song is upbeat, exciting and highly danceable. The alternating rhythms, interesting instrumentals and mesmerizing vocals set the tone for the rest of the album.
Track number two, “Life of Mind,” opens up with a droning didgeridoo and repetitive rhythm that are both sustained throughout the song. The tune is characterized by a complex finger-tapping bass riff that meshes perfectly with the sweet vocal and guitar harmonies. The meditative piece is broken up by the distorted guitar in the chorus. I found the lyrical content interesting; it explores human perception and the relationship between the mind and soul. One lyric in particular stood out to me: “Give me a present moment said soul to monkey mind / just rest your chattering come sit by my side.”
“Bliss” begins with a cool drum beat and an almost Middle Eastern-sounding guitar lick, dripping with heavy reverb, setting the other-worldly atmosphere for the song. Telesma uses shifting rhythms, clean and distorted electric instruments, and an exploration of a musical theme to create a complex, interwoven soundscape that transports to the listener to another dimension. The tempo gradually slows, building into a mind-bending guitar solo and a heavy breakdown of sorts before the song fades out.
My personal favorite track off of Decade Dance is “Skin of Our Teeth.” As soon as the song opened with a strange sounding bass harmonics, and even stranger guttural vocals that resemble Tibetan throat-singing, I was captivated. Then the other instruments join in, creating a cool, funky dance beat. Once the main part of the song kicks in, driven by some awesome slap-bass, I was hooked (like I said, I’ve always been a sucker for some funky bass). The groove in this song is undeniable, and the tasteful guitar part gives the song the perfect vibe. Telesma also incorporates Kirtan into this song, which is the musical chanting of sacred sounds, making this song nothing short of a religious experience.
The final track on the album, “Be Here” is a fascinating, meditative track. Aside from the opening spoken line, “If I should die tomorrow, I would still be here today,” the song is largely instrumental, with the vocals functioning as another instrument. I am not even sure what instruments are used in the song, but this unique piece draws the listener in and takes them on a journey – where this journey takes you is up to the listener.
If you are looking for catchy, danceable music that breaks the musical mold yet remains highly accessible, I would highly recommend Decade Dance. Between the alternating rhythms, impressive instrumentals, and enlightened spiritual lyrics, Telesma is able to translate their fantastic live atmosphere to the studio. Although the band’s Wikipedia page states that the band has been compared to other acts such as Pink Floyd, Tabla Beat Science, King Crimson, Ravi Shankar, Thievery Corporation, Tool and Peter Gabriel, I would argue that sound of Decade Dance is comparable to only one band: Telesma.

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New TELESMA video "White Lotus" by Adam Scott Miller!

We’re excited to present the video for “White Lotus”, created by visionary artist Adam Scott Miller. This is part 2 of the 3 part “Lotus-Chain” video trilogy.

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New TELESMA EP "Decade Dance" Available online now!

The new TELESMA EP “Decade Dance” is now available!!!
Featuring 5 songs/40 minutes of “Other Wordly Music”!!
Download MP3s or Buy the album at
telesma decade dance cd cover for web