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Spring 2017 Update

Hey Telesma family! We’ve begun booking a few shows for spring/summer 2017. Be sure to checkout our page for all the details.
And connect with us on Facebook for more frequent updates, new music, and video!
We’re deeply saddened to share the news that our good friend and visual projection artist, John Suntiger, passed away in early January. John was such a talented artist and added so much to the visual element of TELESMA for over 3 years. His dedication to the music scene was incredible and he touched the lives of so many people with his wisdom, his art, and his kindness. He will truly be missed.
Here is an image from our first performance with John throwing visuals.Tally Ho (photo by Janelle Jones)(3)

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Studio Album ~ "O(h)M" available online.

Review of our studio album “O(h)M” Appearing in the  the Chesapeake Music Guide Magazine, by Michael Macey.

O(h)M is music without boundaries. From ancient instrumentation to modern-day technologies, Telesma embraces each with equal aplomb and presents them in bold fashion. If you’re looking for something that’s totally different, then you really have to look no farther than O(h)M. It’s a sensory experience that flows from your speakers in torrents of brightly colored sound and unlimited imagination. When was the last time you heard that?

Buy Telesma’s “mesmerizing” studio album “O(h)M” online here: