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The Origin of the TELESMA O(h)M Symbol

TELESMA O(h)M Symbol

We often get asked about the origin of our O(h)M symbol. This symbol represents the music of TELESMA by combining the ancient with the modern. It appears on our album covers, within our video projections and all aspects of our visual elements. Our symbol is the combination of the sacred OM and modern ohm symbols which can be seen below. The sacred OM symbol represents the vibration that created and sustains our universe, the sound of the Divine, without bounds, a beginning or an end. The ohm symbol comes from the measurement of  electrical resistance. This represents modern technology and science, and the ability to “sculpt” energy into sound and music. It is with the utmost respect that we use these two symbols to create a visual representation of our music.
The TELESMA O(h)M symbol was created in collaboration with TELESMA, Lisa Oberg, and by graphic artist Jeremy Opio, who has collaborated on our visual art for many years.
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 telesma ohm history graphic