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TELESMA DVD "Hearing Visions Live" (2010) is available online

The TELESMA DVD “Hearing Visions: Live” is now available online, direct from Telesma

BUY using PAYPAL for $20 (free shipping- continental US only)

The live DVD was filmed at the Solstice Gathering 2008, featuring live painting with Alex & Allyson Grey. We’re blessed to be creating this video collectively with the many talents of Jeremy Opio, Zack Morehouse, Frank Marchand, and Scott Tipton.

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New Telesma video for "CHAIN" by Adam Scott Miller!

We proud to present the 1st of 3 videos being created by visionary artist Adam Scott Miller, as a part of the “LOTUS-CHAIN” project (fan funded by the Kickstarter campaign).
This first video is for the TELESMA song “CHAIN” from the 2012 “Action In Inaction” album.

TELESMA “Chain” by Adam Scott Miller (Chapter One of LOTUS CHAIN) from Adam Scott Miller on Vimeo.