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Telesma DVD donations to CoSM – Help Alex Grey build "Entheon" Kickstarter

Telesma DVD donations to CoSM – Help Alex Grey build “Entheon” Kickstarter
TELESMA has been honored to perform with visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey on several occasions. Our first event with them was at the old Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Manhatten in 2008. Now our friends need your help to build “ENTHEON” to house Alex’s Sacred Mirrors.
TELESMA will be donating 100% of the sales of our DVD “Hearing Visions Live” which features Alex & Allyson Grey painting onstage with the band. Here is a special link to buy the album.

In resonance with Alex’s art and the mission of CoSM, we invite you to to help build Entheon, a visionary art experience at CoSM by registering and pledging on the Kickstarter site.. There are many amazing rewards offered on CoSM’s kickstarter campaign, including a catalogue of original art for donations at every level.
Only 31 more days to raise at least $125K on Kickstarter or lose all. Please help build Entheon by sharing this message with friends.
Pledging any amount can really help.
“The inevitable consequence of love is the building of temples.”
When people have so much love to share, they gather together to create a legacy, something beautiful to leave for the future.
Please help CoSM build a visionary temple of art.
Donate directly to the kickstarter and see the video and the whole scoop at this link:
Allyson and Alex

The live DVD was filmed at the Solstice Gathering 2008, featuring live painting with Alex & Allyson Grey. We’re blessed to be creating this video collectively with the many talents of Jeremy Opio, Zack Morehouse, Frank Marchand, and Scott Tipton.