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Taking some time….

Hey TELESMA family!
Just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening in the world of TELESMA.
The band is taking some time off from live performances and is currently in a semi-hiatus state of being. After many years of creating and performing together we felt the need to take some time to explore other endeavors that have been evolving in all our lives. Each of us has many different facets that make up our collective and we feel that its the right time to focus more attention on them. The band has agreed that we’ll return to live performance when the time is right for us to refocus and new music manifests. We love this band, our family, friends and all those who have been a part of our journey so far. And we hope to see you all soon!
In the meantime, please checkout our other various projects and performances…
Peace & Blessings!
…other projects:
PILLOWBOOK (Electronic/Ambient)
NAKED JUNGLE (Instrumental World/Fusion)
HOLY MOUNTAINEERS (Psychedelic MultiMedia Project)

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Light City 2016!!

TELESMA is honored to have been a part of the premier of LIGHT CITY (Baltimore)!! This festival featured multi-media displays and installations of light, sound and music which swept across the entire Inner Harbor and literally lit up the night sky. TELESMA performed on the opening night and featured our visual mastermind John Suntiger throwing video projections behind the band during our set. We also had special guest bellydancer Leyla Fahada. Unfortunately, the wind kept us from having our 2 live painters onstage with us, but we were able to have body painter Patricia Tamariz paint Ian Hesford before the set. In case you missed it, we also got some great press from the event and we were featured in the SouthWest Airlines magazine for the month of March!
We’re very proud of our friends Brooke and Justin Allen who were the catalyst behind bringing this great idea to life here in Baltimore. The event was produced by the Baltimore Office of the Promotion of Arts.
Here is a little more about the event in their words…
“In 2016, Baltimore will host the first ever large-scale light festival in the United States. During the festival each year, we will transform the city with state-of-the-art light displays, video projections on buildings, dancing fountains, light sculptures, and interactive technologies to create
once-in-a-lifetime experiences for families, residents and visitors.
———- Music ———-
Light City will feature uniquely curated live music shows that will invite the world to experience one of America’s hottest music scenes.
——- Innovation ——-
Inspired by the success of South By Southwest, Light City will host an event ecosystem of conferences, forums, expos, and workshops to showcase Baltimore’s leading talent, attract thought leaders from around the world, and provide opportunities for education, networking and community engagement.”
Here are some links to video from the show.

And photos by Stanley Jaworski
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)
TELESMA at Light City (Photo; Stanley Jaworski)


Telesma's 8th Annual Winter Solstice Show Announced!

Join us for our 8th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration on Friday Dec 18th at the 8×10 in Baltimore!!
Its that time of year again to come embrace the transition from darkness to light by gathering together with our community of wonderful people, with music and art feeding our souls.
Music by:
TELESMA (featuring special guest vocalists Rachel Anne Warren, Lauren Aycock Anderson, and Kerra Holtren)
Solstice Blessing by Angela Rockstarr
Visuals by John Suntiger
Live art gallery featuring many amazing local artist
And much more!!
9pm Doors
All Ages
$14 cover at door.

Telesma Winter Solstice

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"Decade Dance" – Telesma's 10 Year Anniversary/Winter Solstice Celebration at the 8×10

TELESMA presents Decade Dance.
The 8×10 Club
Saturday Dec 27th
8pm Doors/9pm Showtime
Come celebrate Telesma’s 10 year anniversary and the Winter Solstice. We’ve got some of our favorite local artists and musicians lined up who have been a part of our journey over the past decade. And we have a couple surprises in store to commemorate this special occasion.
We hope that you’ll join us for a magical evening of music, art and celebration!
Fractal Cat
Voodoo Pharmacology
Renee Weber
Harrison Lance Crawford
and more TBA
Body Painting:
Patricia Tamariz/Divine Gypsy Designs
Emcee/Solstice Blessing:
Angela RockStar
Video Mapping:
John Suntiger/ Suntiger Visuals
Poster Art:
Jeremy Opio
The 8×10
10 E. Cross St. Baltimore, MD
$12 at door
Online tickets:–telesmas-10th-anniversary–w-fractal-cat–and-voodoo-pharmacology

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"ECLECTACLE" at Rams Head Live on Aug 30th – TELESMA, See-I, Deaf Scene and Freedom Enterprise

“ECLECTACLE” at Rams Head Live on Aug 30th – TELESMA, See-I, Deaf Scene and Freedom Enterprise
We very excited about our next production coming up on Friday August 30th at Rams Head Live (Baltimore, MD)!!
An eclectic spectacle of art & music
Featuring music by:
TELESMA (with the Indra Lazul Bellydancers)
SEE – I (featuring members of Thievery Corporation)
Deaf Scene
Freedom Enterprise
Live art and featured artwork by Heather Joi, Will Shanklin, Ephrem Kouakou, Adam Scott Miller, Kathleen Ryan and Jennifer Stevens (Bubble artist).
Body painting by Patricia Tamariz.
Visuals by VJ Hylantown
Special guest dancers Golden Dance Experiment.
Cosmic clothing vending by Proper Playground!
And other great vending including art, jewelry, and more!!
8pm Doors
9pm Showtime
$12 tickets
Advanced tickets available at
Rams Head Live
20 Market Place Baltimore MD 21202
(410) 244 – 1131
Poster Art by Jeremy Opio

Band info:
TELESMA – Psychedelic Tribal Rock
Blending ancient and modern instrumentation and spirit, the Baltimore-based group Telesma bridges the gap between primal and futuristic. Setting themselves apart with their intoxicating sound and extraordinary live performances, they take the audience on a soul inspiring journey that transcends this world, tantalizes the senses, and moves the body with waves of pulsating rhythm.
Telesma’s unique sound, oft labeled “electro-acoustic psychedelic world dance music”, is driven by the ancient sound of the didgeridoo, the kubing (bamboo mouth harp), tribal drums and percussion, and the human voice.
“To experience Telesma live is to become part of the show. More than just music, it’s a swirling, whirling, twirling event…it’s extremely hard not to become involved in the swaying, hypnotic rhythms that pour forth from the stage.” Michael Macey of the Chesapeake Music Guide.
See-I – Reggae/Funk
The story begins with two brothers, Rootz and Zeebo, who found their way from college in North Carolina via the Caribbean only to end up in Washington, DC. It was in the cultural melting pot of the Nation’s capital that they developed their creative and musical talents. In the heady days of the late 1980s, the brothers Steele would launch the project that has defined their lives: See-I. They quickly became a fixture of DC’s burgeoning Reggae scene crossing paths with Reggae aficionado Eric Hilton who was determined to include them in his future projects. Hilton was opening the Eighteenth Street Lounge and associated record label, and brought Rootz and Zeebo on board. Throughout the 90’s and into the coming millennium they would go on to record, perform and tour with Thievery Corporation.
Then in 2005 Zeebo and Rootz started a regular Wednesday night gig at the Eighteenth Street Lounge that would see them coalescing one of the greatest live bands the city has ever seen. Slowly gathering momentum, guest musicians and members – from the Thievery Live band and the Chuck Brown band amongst others – the See-I live band would grow into a nationwide touring phenomenon, and are now considered one of America’s premier Reggae party bands.
See-I’s unique blend of classic roots reggae with a good blend of funk and soul has rocked dance floors from coast to coast. The deep experiences & influences of this 8-piece group have created a sound popular sound at ski resorts, beach towns & concert halls alike. Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation even said, “They’re unique musically and I think that’s why people gravitate to them so much”. See-I is original roots, rock reggae from the nation’s capital!
Deaf Scene – Experimental Instrumental Rock
Deaf Scene is an experimental band based in Baltimore, Maryland. As an instrumental drum-bass-guitar trio, the band pulls off an incredibly vast range of sounds, pushing the sonic boundaries of each instrument and effect that they use. In their four year existence, the band has cultivated a unique musical style, influenced by everything from The Beatles to Bassnectar and beyond; yet their music still defies any sort of traditional “jam-band”, “post-rock”, or “electronic” categorization. Onstage, Deaf Scene’s raw energy and eerie psychedelia draw you into their one-of-a-kind live performance. Lush guitar melodies, ethereal loops, intricate bass harmonies, and propulsive drum rhythms are the cornerstones of Deaf Scene’s music, both live and in the studio. In 2010, the band self-released their debut EP, a cohesive movement of music that showcases the powerful potential of Deaf Scene’s brand of loop-infused rock experimentation. With plans for releasing more music and touring extensively in 2012, Deaf Scene is truly proving to be, “One of Maryland’s best up-and-coming acts”
Freedom Enterprise – Funk/Soul Groove
Freedom Enterprise is Baltimore’s own Funk Soul Rock and Roll. An amazing original, organic, orgasmic musical experience. With deep seeded roots in funk, blues, and jazz and a sharp eye towards the future, Freedom is ready to rattle the scene. Freedom Enterprise has forged their own unique sound and their place in town as one of Baltimore’s must see bands. FE is a conglomerate of many amazing musicians, each bringing their own sound, wibe, and history to the table. Freedom’s concerts are a melodic wall of sound that guarantees good times, an amazing musical experience, and a funky fun place to meet good people. Were planting seeds, were connecting people, were creating the vibe for you to come out and ride, and were constantly working on our art form to perfect for the people.

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TELESMA:VISIONS ~ Visionary Art Series ~ Winter 2009

Greetings Telesma family!

We’re exited to announce our winter “TELESMA:VISION” show schedule!
This series of visionary art collaborations will surely be some of our most exciting performances to experience.
We’re honored to be creating music and art with such amazing beings, we hope to see you there!
Saturday Oct. 31st
Halloween @ The new CoSM Art Sanctuary (Wappingers Falls, NY)
“Deities & Demons Masquerade Ball”.
Featuring live painting by Alex & Allyson Grey
Music by Telesma, Incus, Club d’elf, Psylab
46 Deer Hill Rd Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Friday Nov. 6th
FaerieCon @ Hunt Valley Marriott (Hunt Valley, MD)
“Good Faeries Ball”
Array yourself in your most beautiful faerie finery, don your wings, gather your friends and family and cross the threshold! Once inside, you will find the largest gathering of faerie artists and authors in the world who look forward to meeting you, amazing, magical apparel, beautiful jewelry, mysterious masks, handmade crafts, fashion shows, performers, musicians, storytellers, exhibitions, panel and workshops.
245 Shawan Road Hunt Valley, MD

Saturday Nov. 14th
Lost Symbols @ The Wind Up Space (Baltimore, MD)
“One People, One Planet, Hon! Hidden Meanings of Common Symbols”

Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus will present a slide show and demonstration on the Hidden Meanings of Common Symbols in conjunction with a performance by TELESMA at The Windup Space on 12 W. North Ave. in Baltimore on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

Decoding the reverse of America’s Great Seal as a symbol for the God within and the connection to higher consciousness has been the life work of Hieronimus. (He first contacted the State Department about that mysterious eye and pyramid on the one dollar bill in 1968!) Thanks to the best-selling ability of Dan Brown, tens of millions of readers are now being introduced to Hieronimus’s work in the form of Brown’s new novel, The Lost Symbol. On November 14th, Baltimore music fans and art lovers will hear a personal explanation of how our nation’s most common symbols ultimately point to the same thing: unity, balance, and attaining a state of higher consciousness. Learn how to decipher symbols for yourself. Next door in the large warehouse space there is also the opportunity for attendees to paint their own symbolic artwork.
After his presentation, Dr. Hieronimus and assistants will create symbolic mural to the transformative music of TELESMA
Selections of Hieronimus’s 40 years of symbolic art will be on display at The Windup Space from November 1 through December 31, 2009. Also on display will be selections from the rock and roll celebrity photographs of Stuart Zolotorow. From Brooks Robinson to Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Willie Nelson, Zolotorow has photographed and published some of the legends of popular music and sports. Cultural heroes and mythology are essential to the health of stable society, and Zolotorow’s photos of our contemporary heroes remind us all to aim for the stars and that our purpose in life is to change the world.
Afterward, Neil Kurlander (Soul Mob Productions DJ) will bless the decks till 2am.

A portion of the proceeds to benefit Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc., a nonprofit organization.

Sponsored in part by the Mill Valley Cultural Arts Umbrella, Inc. and Umbrella Radio and Joe Squared Pizza.
More info: 410-356-6216

Saturday Dec. 19th
The 2nd Annual “Visionary Solstice Gathering”
Live Art Event @ SONAR

At 8pm on Saturday, December 19, Baltimore’s 2nd Annual Visionary Solstice Gathering begins!  The show features a special 2 hours of live painting by world renowned visionary artists ALEX GREY and wife ALLYSON GREY to the transformative psychedelic rock music of TELESMA. Fans will be able to see the paintings as they unfold on large projection screens. All three rooms will feature visual performances including live body painting and aerial contortionists complimenting the ultra-violet performance art of ARCHEDREAM FOR HUMANKIND.


SEE I (Featuring members of Thievery Corporation)

More talent TBA…

VIP Tickets

VIP tickets include special admission to Alex Grey’s spoken word performance and artist’s talk on his recently published book Art Psalms, as well as exclusive stage access with bar service during his performance.

Brought to you by & Soul Mob Productions.

407 E. Saratoga St., Baltimore, MD 21202 / phone: 410-783-7888

Tickets: $30 / $50 VIP (includes 7pm early admission to Alex Grey’s spoken word and access to special side stage lounge with bar service during his painting)

TELESMA Featured News Blog

New Album ~ "Hearing Visions: Live"

The new live album is now available! “Hearing Visions: Live” was recorded on Dec 20, 2008 at Sonar in Baltimore, during the “Winter Solstice Visionary Gathering”.  This very special night featured renowned visionary artists Allyson & Alex Grey painting onstage with Telesma during their 2hr set. The album features new songs, improvisations, and songs from our “O(h)M” album. Album art by Jeremy Opio.
Get your copy at shows or it’s available for download here:

TELESMA: Hearing Visions Live

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