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Click Here to view/download the 2013 Telesma Press Kit (PDF) w/ Reviews
Click Here to view/download the 2013 Telesma Stage Plot and Audio Input List
Blending ancient and modern instrumentation and spirit, the Baltimore-based group Telesma bridges the gap between primal and futuristic. Setting themselves apart with their intoxicating sound and extraordinary live performances, they take the audience on a soul inspiring journey that transcends this world, tantalizes the senses, and moves the body with waves of pulsating rhythm.
“To experience Telesma live is to become part of the show. More than just music, it’s a swirling, whirling, twirling event…it’s extremely hard not to become involved in the swaying, hypnotic rhythms that pour forth from the stage.” Michael Macey of the Chesapeake Music Guide.
Telesma’s unique sound, oft labeled “electro-acoustic psychedelic world dance music”, is driven by the ancient sound of the didgeridoo, the kubing (bamboo mouth harp), tribal drums and percussion, and the human voice. These elements are fused with modern instruments and technology to create a diverse sound ranging from intense polyrhythmic rock-n-roll, to ambient melodic meanderings, to trance-like pulses found in modern electronic dance/groove music. Telesma’s live show blurs the line between performer and audience, attracting the most creative VJs, dancers, visual artists and body artists to its shows. Every Telesma show is a vortex of creativity; a celebration of body, mind and spirit.
Themes of higher consciousness, philosophy, connectivity, peace, and universal archetypes merge with influences from folklore, various mythologies and religion, nature, fantasy, art, and other mystical elements to create the root of Telesma’s inspirational message. This sound can be heard on the group’s full length albums “O(h)M” (2007), “Hearing Visions: Live” (2009), and “Action In Inaction” (2012) released on their independent label “sTRANGELY cOMPELLING mUSIC”.
2012 – CD “Action In Inaction”.
2010 – DVD “Hearing Visions Live” featuring the visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey painting live onstage with the band.
2009 – Live CD “Hearing Visions Live”
2007 – CD “O(h)M”
Telesma has performed at festivals and venues from coast to coast, including Camp Bisco, Rootwire, Artscape, Musikfest, FaerieWorlds, Earthdance, Evolvefest, Spoutwood Fairie Festival, PEX Summerfest & Halloween, Faerie Con, Karmafest, Starwood Gathering, Pink Moon Fest, MD Faerie Fest, NY Faerie fest, Free Spirit Gathering and numerous other festivals from jam band, pagan, burner, faerie themed, and world music lineups. Plus, venue all along the east coast, Colorado, northern Cali, and Oregon.
Band Members: Ian Hesford (didgeridoo, kubing, dumbek, percussion) and Jason Sage (keyboards, vocals, percussion, programmer), Joanne Juskus (vocals, percussion, karatalas), Chris Mandra (guitar, analog guitar synth, the manDrum, and vocals), Bryan Jones “Jonesy” (6 string MIDI & upright basses, theremin, percussion), and Mike Kirby (drum kit, percussion).
“I feel a great affinity with the band Telesma in a similar kind of interest in the shamanic selfdiscovery and a sense of an underlying universal wisdom. That’s a rare combination in a rock and techno band.”
— Alex Grey, Visionary artist
“To experience Telesma live is to become part of the show. More than just music, it’s a swirling, whirling, twirling event…it’s extremely hard not to become involved in the swaying, hypnotic rhythms that pour forth from the stage.”
— Michael Macey, Chesapeake Music Guide.
“Telesma’s sound and look is not of this plane of existence.”
— Washingtonian Magazine
“Such a great variety of color and sound patterns in this film!…masterful editing on this (far from ordinary) concert film! It is kaleidoscopic and a work of art in itself! But the best part is, it was not overdone! I was infused with hometown pride as I watched the combined creativity of Telesma’s music and performance artists alongside the genius of Alex and Allyson Grey, It’s an experience
that elevates awareness, going beyond the personal self and toward the building
of One People, One Planet. It is sound, plus color, feeding the soul and the body in the rhythmic balance of life.”
— Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Artist – 21st Century Radio
“Aggressive and danceable are rarely interchangeable musical descriptions, but
Telesma pulls this off with ease. Female fronted with tribal druming and Tool style
licks. This will be a truly unique and awesome Rootwire experience.”
— Papadosio
“Telesma is a fiercely independent ensemble of exceptional musicians who challenge the conventions of modern performance by creating an auditory and visual experience that is both mesmerizing and immersive.”
— Justin Allen, What Weekly
“If music is a drug then the DEA should label the band Telesma as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance…a musically-induced psychedelic experience.”
— Andy Bienstock, Program Director, WYPR Radio, Baltimore
TELESMA Promo Video

TELESMA “Amor Fati” Live featuring Alex & Allyson Grey

TELESMA “Action In Inaction” Live

TELESMA “Egyptian Sun” Live featuring Alex & Allyson Grey