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Thank you to all our fans, crew, fellow performers, friends, and families for all the love, inspiration, and support.
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New TELESMA album “Action In Inaction” available now!
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Ian Hesford’s Condition:
On Friday April 20th 2012, our bandmate and friend Ian Hesford suffered a sudden heart attack while onstage. Thanks to 2 of our good friends who started CPR right away, he made it to the hospital where they worked to revive him for almost 2 hours. They almost gave up but after one more attempt Ian’s pulse came back. Needless to say he was in very bad shape but he’s recovering each day. On Friday May 13th, Ian was released from the hospital and is doing well. He’ll be recovering for a while but he’s already getting back to normal with his new defibrillator implant. This will sense any irregular heart beats and will give him a shock if needed.
Thanks to everyone for sending their love and support for Ian during this time.
We’ve realized that without insurance Ian will need all the help that can be gathered. We are setting up a special trust to handle donations for Ian’s benefit. We’ll be setting up fundraisers and other ways to help, but for now we hope that you’ll consider using our Paypal link below to help out. 100% of the funds collected here with be deposited into the special trust. These contributions are not tax deductible, but will be spent for Ian from his “Painted Talisman of Miracles” Trust.
Telesma will be producing select events in the coming months to help raise money for Ian, see our SHOWS page for more info.
Update June 25th: We’re happy to announce that Ian is already back performing with the band. Not even 2 months after his collapse he is strong enough to play all of his instruments and perform our entire set! Our “Resurrection” show is set for July 20th at Rams Head Live!!
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TELESMA Promo Video Online Now!
Created by Scott Tipon and Jason Sage, this two minute video gives you a glimpse of the TELESMA spectacle seen at shows from coast to coast!
Pass it along to anyone you many know who might dig TELESMA!


Telesma “O(h)M” Tshirts Available online now!

Our “O(h)M” Tshirts can be purchased via paypal online!

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~ New TELESMA DVD “Hearing Visions: Live”  is available now at all shows and online at

The live DVD was filmed at the Solstice Gathering 2008, featuring live painting with Alex & Allyson Grey. We’re blessed to be creating this video collectively with the many talents of Jeremy Opio, Zack Morehouse, Frank Marchand, and Scott Tipton.

~ The TELESMA CD “Hearing Visions: Live” is already available!

“Hearing Visions: Live” was recorded on Dec 20, 2008 at Sonar in Baltimore, during the “Winter Solstice Visionary Gathering”. The album features new songs, improvisations, and songs from our “O(h)M” album. We have copies at all our shows and it’s available online (see links below):

TELESMA: Hearing Visions Live

Digital Downloads Also Available Here: