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Taking some time….

Hey TELESMA family!
Just wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening in the world of TELESMA.
The band is taking some time off from live performances and is currently in a semi-hiatus state of being. After many years of creating and performing together we felt the need to take some time to explore other endeavors that have been evolving in all our lives. Each of us has many different facets that make up our collective and we feel that its the right time to focus more attention on them. The band has agreed that we’ll return to live performance when the time is right for us to refocus and new music manifests. We love this band, our family, friends and all those who have been a part of our journey so far. And we hope to see you all soon!
In the meantime, please checkout our other various projects and performances…
Peace & Blessings!
…other projects:
PILLOWBOOK (Electronic/Ambient)
NAKED JUNGLE (Instrumental World/Fusion)
HOLY MOUNTAINEERS (Psychedelic MultiMedia Project)