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Winter Solstice Celebration – Dec 20th at the 8×10

TELESMA presents:
The 5th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration!!!
Friday Dec 20th 2013
8×10 Club
8pm Doors
$12 cover
Music by:
Second Self
Bow-Legged Gorilla
Body Painting by Patricia Tamariz
VJ Leo Hylantown
Lighting by Luminary Stage Design
Live painting by Will Shanklin
In 2008, Telesma presented the “Winter Solstice Gathering” at Sonar in Baltimore, featuring live painting by visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey, EOTO, and more! The idea was to bring together live art and music (live and electronic) into a collaborative/interactive setting. This event helped re-spark a creative movement in the Baltimore music/art scene which has snowballed into many different communities, production teams, and artists collaborating to create limitless experiences for the community. We hope that you’ll join us to celebrate the winter solstice and our diverse artistic community!!
TELESMA (psychedelic tribal rock)
The Telesma experience is an ecstatic trans-cultural phenomenon with a highly infectious and danceable beat. Exploding on the Baltimore music scene in 2002, it soon developed a loyal local fan base and then shook the underground festival scene from coast to coast. Every Telesma show is a vortex of creativity; a celebration of body, mind and spirit.
Telesma’s vast arsenal of musical finery includes instruments as divergent as the didgeridoo, kubing (bamboo mouth harp from the Philippines), to electronic and tribal drums and the manDrum, one of the inventions of Telesma’s guitarist, as well as bass, keyboards, drum kit and the human voice.
Telesma’s sound has been sometimes described as “psychedelic tribal modern world dance music, “ with diverse sounds ranging from intense polyrhythmic rock to the trance-like pulses of modern electronic dance/groove music.
Second Self
An energetic power trio steeped in rock, reggae, and funk influences, Second Self lays highly original music that showcases the group’s ability to transition between tight arrangements and off-the-cuff improvisation.
In 2003, while attending high school in Fallston, Maryland, founding members Jimmy Hunter (lead guitar), Jeff Hunter (drums), and Nick Stampone (bass), began writing instrumental compositions. The three have collaborated with many great musicians since forming and continue to perform as a trio.
Second Self has performed over 200 live shows in such venues as The 8×10 Club in Baltimore, The 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Known for high energy sets, Second Self leaves fans wanting more every time they play.
In 2010, Second Self released their self-titled debut album with Dave Thomas on vocals and rhythm guitar. Recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore by engineer and producer Mike McAree. In 2011, the band recorded a 4 song “Winter EP” in their home studio, with Erik Dittmar on vocals and rhythm guitar.
Bow-Legged Gorilla
The Bowlegged Gorilla, otherwise known as Kenny Johnston, is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore with an emphasis on mouth percussion and American fingerstyle guitar. He draws influence from traditional Turkish, Mongolian, African, and American music (primarily country finger style blues and ragtime), as well as experimental and electronic dance music.
For the Bowlegged Gorilla, a single song is a meditative experience, and through the process of creating his multilayerd sounds, he clears his mind. While he stubbornly refuses to incorporate any electronic effects or digital enhancements into his work, his music reflects a depth and layering that is mesmerizing to witness coming from a single being.
He has done beat-boxing workshop for kids, plays as a musical accompanist for dancers; and he has toured all over the country. In 2009, The Baltimore City Paper named him the “Best Solo Performer in Baltimore.”