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Visionary Solstice Gathering rescheduled for Feb 20th

Visionary Solstice Gathering has been rescheduled for Feb 20th
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– Saturday February 20th (Rescheduled Date)
– The Visionary Solstice Gathering – Live Art Event
Address: 407 E. Saratoga St., Baltimore, MD 21202 / phone: 410-783-7888
Tickets: $30 / $50 VIP (includes 7pm early admission to Alex Grey’s spoken word and access to special side stage lounge with bar service during his painting)
Baltimore’s “Visionary Solstice Gathering” finally arrives after being posted due to the blizzard.  The show features a special 2 hour live painting performance by world renowned artists, ALEX GREY and wife ALLYSON GREY to the trans-formative psychedelic rock music of TELESMA. Fans will be able to see the paintings as they unfold in person and simulcast on large projection screens. All three of the venues rooms will feature interactive visual performances from live body painting and hooping highlighted by a one of a kind ultra-violet performance art of ARCHEDREAM FOR HUMANKIND. The show assembles s line up of some of the most innovative acts in live music today in one venue for one incredible night!!

Alex and Allyson Grey  w/ TELESMA

A visionary artist recognized for his ground-breaking “Sacred Mirrors” collection and has been featured in projects by Tool, The Beastie Boys and Nirvana as well as gracing the covers of Newsweek, High Times, Shaman’s Drum, Shambhala Sun. TELESMA add a transcendental soundtrack to the Grey’s live painting performance creating an immersive experience of hypnotic rhythms and visual mastery…
A leading force in the international funk scene. This 5 member ensemble has taken over the world with its distinct interweaving of live instrumentation and funky electronic beats. They draw upon their rich musical heritage of funk, soul, punk and hip-hop for their inspiration. They have been asked to remix the works of Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong, and Bob Marley, have been tagged by URB Magazine for its annual “Next 100” list and have performed on 5 continents, and in over 25 different countries.
A DC based 9-piece funk, soul and reggae band featuring members of Thievery Corporation, All Mighty Senators, Fort Knox Five, Thunderball, Wailin’ Love, Soul Brazil and others

An international black light mask and dance theater company merging ancient ritual and magical storytelling with modern technology,

Superstar DJ’s
NEIL KURLAND (formerly DJ Knowledge)
DJ WHO with Percussion by Keith Meyer
VIP Tickets
Provide special admission to the spoken word performance and artists talk on his recently released book Alex Grey “Art Psalms” as well as exclusive stage access with bar service during his performance.

Proceeds from the event will benefit The Visionary Arts Museum

Brought to you by CWPR, and Soul Mob Productions.

About Alex Grey:
Visionary artist Alex Grey was first recognized for his ground-breaking “Sacred Mirrors” collection which took 10 years to complete.  This collection, featuring a unique series of 21 life sized paintings,” takes the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining, in detail, the body, mind, and spirit”. It was during this period that he developed his depictions of the human body that “x-ray” the multiple layers of reality, and reveal the interplay of anatomical and spiritual forces. Alex Grey has since received worldwide acclaim. In pop culture his timeless works have appeared in Tool’s “10,000 Days”, their “Lateralus” album and stage show, The Beastie Boys’ “Ill Communication” and Nirvana’s “In Utero”. Grey’s artwork has also appeared on the cover of Sub Rosa, Newsweek, High Times, Shaman’s Drum, Shambhala Sun, Juxtapoz, Vision,

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Вы абсолютно правы. В этом что-то есть и я думаю, что это хорошая мысль….
– Saturday February 20th (Rescheduled Date) – The Visionary Solstice Gathering – Live Art Event SONAR BALTIMORE Address: 407 E. Saratoga St…..