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TELESMA Featured News Blog

New Album ~ "Hearing Visions: Live"

The new live album is now available! “Hearing Visions: Live” was recorded on Dec 20, 2008 at Sonar in Baltimore, during the “Winter Solstice Visionary Gathering”.  This very special night featured renowned visionary artists Allyson & Alex Grey painting onstage with Telesma during their 2hr set. The album features new songs, improvisations, and songs from our “O(h)M” album. Album art by Jeremy Opio.
Get your copy at shows or it’s available for download here:

TELESMA: Hearing Visions Live

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TELESMA Featured News Blog

Telesma DVD "Hearing Visions Live" available now!

Telesma DVD “Hearing Visions Live” available now!
The new TELESMA DVD “Hearing Visions: Live” is available now at all shows and online
The live DVD was filmed at the Solstice Gathering 2008, featuring live painting with Alex & Allyson Grey. We’re blessed to be creating this video collectively with the many talents of Jeremy Opio, Zack Morehouse, Frank Marchand, and Scott Tipton.

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Studio Album ~ "O(h)M" available online.

Review of our studio album “O(h)M” Appearing in the  the Chesapeake Music Guide Magazine, by Michael Macey.

O(h)M is music without boundaries. From ancient instrumentation to modern-day technologies, Telesma embraces each with equal aplomb and presents them in bold fashion. If you’re looking for something that’s totally different, then you really have to look no farther than O(h)M. It’s a sensory experience that flows from your speakers in torrents of brightly colored sound and unlimited imagination. When was the last time you heard that?

Buy Telesma’s “mesmerizing” studio album “O(h)M” online here: